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For as long as mankind has been on earth, we have been trying to heal ourselves when physical ailments have troubled us. Through the centuries this healing has continually evolved and changed until what it is today. Looking back it all began with the humble plant and noticing changes in our bodies when taken into the system or applied to wounds. 


In the last 100 years we seem to have moved away from nature and her medicinal plants. In our never ending quest to search for new cures and remedies, man has been forced to return to nature as we have run out of synthentic alternatives. In doing so scientists have been observing animals and noticing certain behavioral patterns that would occur whenever an animal is ill.  They would search and look for a specific plant, sometimes known as toxic to us or totally different from what they would usually select and eat it, until the symptoms have improved or dissipated enough for them to return to health.

From the basis of observations such as these, a new science, or simply one of the oldest therapies on earth has evolved into what is now called Zoopharmacognosy. The word is derived from the ancient Greek 'zoo' (animal), 'pharmac' (remedy) and 'gnosy' (cognitive) using the brain to self select.
Nature gives us everything we need to improve our health both physically and emotionally, and that goes for animals too. Their behavior and health gives us valuable insight into their welfare and well being. Naturally Green products empower you to help your animal and improve your relationship with them.

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