Zoopharmacognosy Workshop



Introduction to zoopharmacognosy (animals self selecting plant extracts)

Zoopharmacognosy is giving domestic animals a choice to select their own medicinal plant extracts. This allows the animal to use their intuitive ability to select remedies they need and to guide their dosage.

Animals have been doing this since the beginning of time. However with domestication and captivity it has become harder to do for them to search and find medicinal plants. We look at different plants, extracts and their constituents and how they are selected.

In class you will be shown how to make infused oil and certain extracts – what you would use them for and why. All remedies made on the day will be taken home by the students.

1 Full day workshop

Date: Sunday 29 October 2017

Venue : Cape Town

Time: 9.00 to 4.30pm

Cost : R1150


To book please email diane@healinganimals.co.za No seats will be reserved without a 50% deposit, balance due 1 month before the workshop

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