This eye raising word comes from the ancient greek language meaning 'zoo' (animal), 'pharma' (remedy) and 'cognosy' (knowing) and helps animals to maintain their health in a domestic situation.


Zoopharmacognosy gives the animal the choice to select his or her own natural plant extracts and remedies as they would do in the wild.  A variety of different oils, minerals and clays are offered to the animal, based on the symptoms displayed - behavioural and/or physiological issues.  The animal is given the opportunity to restore its health and self-medicate. The animals consent is always first obtained. They then guide the process and choose from the selection and dosage necessary for them, enabling them to express their natural behaviour.  This is one of the oldest therapies known to man and it is very special to watch and witness the changes.


Diane studied and trained through the Ingraham Academy in England and works strictly within certain parameters, namely:-


The 5 principles of the Ingraham method:

  1. Always gaining the animal's consent upfront
  2. Never putting plant compounds in the food of an animal
  3. Always allowing an animal to select the plant compound
  4. Never diagnosing or giving advice based on a diagnosis or provide treatment. The owner is encouraged to work with their own       animal as much as possible, while enabling animals to express natural behaviour.
  5. Be patient: allowing time and learning to read the body language of the animal


For any further queries or to book an appointment, please feel free to contact Diane. She is based in Cape Town


Animal Communication

Animals have their own minds, their own thoughts and in order to have a good relationship with them we need to learn to understand them better.


Animal Communication or whispering is the ability to communicate with animals (domestic and wild) telepathically. I connect and telepathically link with animals of all shapes and sizes. Here are some reasons why people choose to do a reading.


For animals that have passed – to help humans come to terms with their grief, and get reassurance over the loss of a beloved pet.

  • To find out if your animal wants assistance to be euthanased, should they be terminally ill.
  • Why they are behaving in a particular way.
  • If you will be moving / relocating to another home and would like to reassure and inform the animal of what will be happening.

Readings are done in person if based in Cape Town (northern suburbs) or using a photograph supplied by the owner. The cost is R400 per reading, within a 20km radius of Brackenfell. Further than that a levy of R50 per reading will be payable should the reading be in person.


Energy Healing


Holistic hands on healing and alternative health care helps the body to heal itself. I use energy "hands on healing" and distant healing. 


If you would like a session for yourself or your animal consults are done from my office and can be booked directly. They usually last an hour depending on the animal and are R300 per session.


I channel healing energy once a week to all animals (and people) who need it. If you (or your pet) would like to be included in the session please send me a picture of the animal and I will include them in the session.


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