Thanks again for your reading. You are such an integral yet delicate link for us and our companions! The strength you harbour is inspiring and I can only hope one I find the same strength so I too can be a link to many! Chantal

Thank you so much. I know every reading you do has impact but the last one packed a punch. Thank you for translating for us. My relationship with him can only improve and would not have had if you didn’t translate. I would probably have tried to force it (as the trainers urge us too) and I would have broken us. Thank you Janine


Hi Diane,

Words cannot describe how thankful I am for the help you gave us yesterday. It was fascinating to find out all that much information can come from our animals and what they select and possibly why, it’s incredible. Keep on doing your awesome work. Many thanks

I just wanted to thank you again. What an experience! I will keep in touch for future readings :-) My mom also says thank you. It feels good to know Star is happy.
Thank you for helping Chloe and I yesterday, it was an amazing experience J


You have no idea how much you helped Charlene yesterday with putting Brighty to sleep. THANK YOU so so much. You are making such an amazing difference in the world with your talents and care. So much love and gratitude from me xx


Hi Diane,  THANK YOU so much :) I really do feel better now that I know what he wants. I am very grateful that you could help me out so quickly… many thanks! Maryse


Diane, you have such incredible energy when you work with animals. I wish you could visit every day to keep my Monty this calm and collected. You taught me so much, it is so appreciated. When can you visit again? :-) Much love Desire


Thanks Diane!  It was an amazing experience. Charmaine


Hi Diane, I just wanted to say thank you for a really fabulous presentation of the course. I thoroughly loved every class and was genuinely upset about missing the last one. You have such a calming and grounding energy and the way you explain things is so clear and concise. You just made everyone feel at ease and confident enough to expand and absorb the really interesting info you put together for the course. Nina


We just want to say thank you for all the wonderful healing messages. We are grateful. Wrote all info down that we talked about. A&V


Diane, thank you so much. I understand all of the reading. This meant the world to me. I will be happy to be with him again one day.xx Tracey


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